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Fulbright Ireland: Across the Water

Fulbright Ireland: Across the Water


‘Our passion for knowledge brings us closer to brilliance’


ACROSS THE WATER brings us on a face to face journey with previous winners of Fulbright awards. This video will give local and international audiences, an engaging insight into the working environments of these winners, highlighting how the Fulbright scholarship has influenced their lives. We will look into the eyes of brilliant people who present leadership, echo knowledge and transcend cultural boundaries, all in an attempt to promote a more peaceful and prosperous world.



Across the Water is inspired by James William Fulbright’s journey across the Atlantic in 1925. This promotional video will be a landmark piece produced to the highest quality, highlighting the possibilities that can be achieved with the support of Fulbright awards. There has been a number of talented, individual Irish minds that have previously won the Fulbright award. I believe to truly promote this opportunity, we need to make people aware of both Fulbright’s potential and value. To do this, we need to introduce  some of these brilliant minds who are leading the way in their respected disciplines.

This promotional video will bring the viewer face to face with a number of Irish Fulbright alumni. All interviews will take place within their working environments. There is something so profound and inspiring about capturing someone in action or talking about what they are truly passionate about. Energy and the Environment, Politics, Music Composer, Civil Engineering, Psychology, Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology, Human Rights, Our Language. These are only some of the amazing interview options that we can choose to present.  


CAMERA TECHNIQUES: For sections of the interview, I will use a technique called ‘Interrotron’ (without any partition). The Interrotron is basically two teleprompters connected to two cameras. Camera A is rolling on the subject, and Camera B is simply feeding Camera A's prompter. This allows the subject to look directly into the interviewer's eyes through the beam splitter as they are being interviewed. This is a fantastic technique for interviews because it gives the viewer the feeling that the interviewee is talking directly to them. In a short promotional video you want to quickly connect with your audience and keep them engaged throughout. This technique gives a real one-to-one  personal feel.   




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