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"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." John Cage


Welcome to Green Waves! This musically driven bicycle trip sees Gary Boyd travel all over Ireland, recording both musicians and environments that surround us in everyday life. All samples recorded are layered together to create an audio/visual sound score! 

Gary will cycle from location to location, invading the homes/spaces of random wonderful people and asking them to play an instrument, click their fingers, tap something, laugh, cry or make some noise! He will both audio and visually record the session, with a vision of uniting all the samples at the end of his trip. Simply; A type of free-flowing randomised conducting, all tied together into a presentation of one soul-packed contemporary sound score!

We are really excited to see what souls join the project! Green Waves begins from Gary's home in County Monaghan on the 1st of July and runs until the 20th of August.



 - Meet people who love listening/playing music. Amateurs, professionals, alternate styles etc! If you have a passion for music and being creative, this project is for you! 

- Record people (Audio & Visually) playing their instruments (including voice). 

- Record locations/environments, .i.e Oceans, roads, rain, etc...

- All sessions with musicians will be improvised. Everything recorded has to be original i.e. no cover songs.

- We will focus on G major and D minor as our two main keys. 

- Tempo: There will be a number of click tracks. 

- Together we will try to create samples, layers, patterns & melodies together. You can listen to or be influenced by previous people's recordings. Together, with other random every day recorded sounds, we will use all of our resources to build the project. This will also aid the next participant along the trip. 

- The GOAL is to take all of the recordings and construct them into a one-hour long piece of sound score! 

Gary Boyd
Green Waves - Gary Boyd

Gary Boyd

"Molina" - The bicycle behind the man 

Gary: "If you love playing or listening to music, make sure and GET IN TOUCH! Amateurs, professionals, everyone's welcome to join! On the 1st of July (nervously close), I'll jump on my bicycle (Molina), connect my small trailer and begin the cycle! I'm very excited! I've always been in love with people's attitude toward playing music in this country. Looking forward to meeting you and making something amazing!" 


This map is a visual footprint of all the wonderful people, sounds & locations recorded along the way! Its a great tool for keeping track & remembering all the people who took part in the project. 



If you love playing or listening to music GET IN TOUCH! Amateurs, professionals, everyone's welcome! 

This project is about recording the sounds that surround us in our daily life and exploring how they can fuse together with both themselves and different types of musicians along an epic cycling journey!


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